Other Screen Filters

Allow users to simulate color blindness while working in any program.

xScope has live simulation of various types of color impaired vision. Commercial, Mac only.

Sim Daltonism simulates color blind vision and displays the results in real-time in a floating palette. Freeware. Mac only.

Application Plug-Ins

Extend the functionality of their host program to simulate color blindness.

Vischeck offers Plug-ins for Photoshop and ImageJ to simulate color blindness. You can also convert raster files and web-pages. Freeware. Windows and Mac.

Color Selection

WhatColor for Windows and ColorCompass for macOS help color-impaired viewers identify and select colors.

Assistive Software

These "screen readers" manipulate the computer display to increase contrast for hard to distinguish colors. Helpful for understanding complex photos or graphics where component colors have poor contrast (useful for normal vision viewing, too).

Great for hard to read maps and diagrams. Floating, movable filter window helps color blind users by graying out non-target colors,  flashing target colors, will identify selected colors by name, and cycle through a variety of image adjustments that change color and contrast. For macOS, Windows and iOS.

The Visolve Deflector is a floating, moveable filter window that allows the user to lighten or darken problem colors. Includes unique "hatchure mode" useful for reading charts and maps. Will also filter entire screen using "toolbar" mode. macOS and Windows. Mac version includes a Dashboard widget.

Further Reading

Wikipedia is a good starting point for learning more about color blindness.

A collection of links on Color Blindness and Color Deficiency.

ColorBrewer is an easy-to-use online tool designed to help people select good color schemes for maps and other graphics.

The W3C provides a formula for determining whether two colors have sufficient color contrast.