Color Oracle Menu


Launch Color Oracle and select "Deuteranopia", "Protanopia", or "Tritanopia" from the menubar icon at the top-right of your screen to simulate deutan, protan or tritan color vision. Click with the mouse anywhere on the screen or press any key to return to normal vision.

Information Panel

To move the information panel, click on it and drag to another place. To resize the panel, click once on the small handle at its bottom edge, or click and drag the handle.

Click the handle once to shrink the information panel to medium size.

Click the handle twice to shrink the panel to its minimum size. Click again to increase size.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Pressing a keyboard shortcut can also simulate color-blind vision. The default settings are F5 for deuteranopia and F6 for protanopia.

Save Filtered Screen Image

Use this command to save the screen image filtered with the currently selected type of color-blindness to a TIFF file.


Select "Preferences" to change the keyboard shortcuts to another F-key. Make sure that assigned F-keys don't conflict with other shortcuts. For example, F10 to F13 are usually reserved for Dashboard and Exposé. You may change these settings in the System Preferences.

Select "Start Color Oracle at Login" to add Color Oracle to your login items. When this button is selected, Color Oracle will be started automatically each time you login to your computer.


Color Oracle can be controlled by AppleScript. The following code tells Color Oracle to simulate deutan, protan and tritan color vision. Each type of color deficiency is displayed during 1 second. Paste this code into Script Editor (which is located on your hard disk in /Applications/Apple Script/) and run it.

tell application "Color Oracle"
set simulation to "deutan"
delay 1
set simulation to "protan"
delay 1
set simulation to "tritan"
delay 1
set simulation to "normal"
end tell